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Elephant Oil SA (Bénin)
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  • Block B, 4,590 km2 onshore, located in the Dahomey Embayment
  • New AGG (Airborne Gravity Gradiometry) survey acquired and interpreted
  • 4,600 sq km high resolution airborne AGG Gravity and Magnetic data acquired in 2013 (Fugro-CGG)
  • Allada Structure already identified (vintage 2D and modern AGG Gravity)
  • Field Studies in 2014 reveal Coastal Basin petroleum geology, including live seeps, reservoir and source rock outcrop
  • Integrated Block Study underway with vintage gravity and 2D data, modern airborne gravity and magnetics, field data and Remote Sensing data
  • Large depocentre yet to be explored
  • Large amount of offshore exploration nearby with many new discoveries (e.g. Ogo Field in the Benin Basin of western Nigeria)
  • Preparations underway for new 2D seismic acquisition
Bénin Onshore
Block B
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